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Godzilla, now back in his normal form, stands at the end of the George Washington Bridge, surrounded by all sorts of destruction, from flames and smoke, to rubble of crushed buildings, to the now twisted girders, and the now decomposing carcass of Bagan. The Avengers are now on the bridge.

Janet: He did it! He Won!

T'Challa: It's all over. The Chinese can now rest easy knowing that the death of their loved ones and  the destruction of their city is avenged.

Natasha: But not by the Avengers.

Tony: By another monster. One who is here to defend us if him saving T'Challa and Janet is anything to go by.

Hank: Looks like. I'm just glad that the right monster won.

They then hear three engines sounding overhead. It's the three F-22 fighter craft equipped with napalm warheads, and they close in on Godzilla.

Ross: Now after it's all said and done, they decide to show up.

Natasha: Ross, you have to stop the attack.

Janet: He's not the enemy! The enemy is dead! Plus, he saved us from Bagan's attack.

They watch as the weak Godzilla moves into waist deep water. Ross also watches from HQ, and radios in to the pilots of the weapons.

Ross: Withdraw the attack.

Pilot: General?

Ross: That's an order.

Pilot: Roger. Alphas 2 and 3, withdraw.

The three change direction and turn from Godzilla as he moves further into the water.

Janet: Thank goodness.

Natasha: No sense in starting something that does not need to be started.

Tony: Agreed.

Natasha: Now, since we're pretty much done here, I suggest a little relaxation time at the mansion.

Hank: Read my mind. Let's go.

Ross: What about Godzilla?

The team turns back to see the wake where Godzilla is vanishing between the waves.

Natasha: We'll leave him be. At least until something with giant monsters happens again.

Hank: You okay, Janet?

Janet: Yeah, I'm fine. Both me and T'Challa.

T'Challa: We've been through a lot this week. I agree with Natasha. It's best to get back to our home so we can get some rest.

Hank: I'm with all of you. Let's go.

He puts his arm around Janet and the group start their way back to the mansion, where, hopefully, the ones that were absent from this situation are back.

Tony: You know, between Bagan and the Gryphon, I don't think we've seen the last of giant monsters.

Janet: You act like those two are the only giant monsters we've fought. Anyways, pizza anyone?

Tony: One, I meant monsters like the ones I mentioned. Two, I'm game.

Back at the mansion, the members that aided Thor in Selvig's funeral are back, and they listen to the experience from the others as they enjoyed restaurant ordered pizza. They have a little discussion about the existence of other monsters that could defend the earth, and come to the conclusion there probably are.

Meanwhile, in space, the Mad Titan known as Thanos stands in front of the remains of one of Godzilla's old enemy. Using his gauntlet, he brings the monster back to life.

Thanos: Welcome back...

The creature,  now back in its full form, is Spacegodzilla.

Thanos: Spacegodzilla.
EMH: Godzilla vs. Bagan Ch 18: The End... For Now
The 18th and final chapter of EMH: Godzilla vs. Bagan. I bet you all are wondering about the ending. Well, I'll explain. That's to set up the next story, Kaiju War. For the plot of that, visit the journal entry on my deviantart page. It'll explain the story and as to when it'll be posted. However, the preview for that is coming next month. Hope you've all enjoyed this, and hope you all look forward to the next one.
Godzilla rises up from the wrecked building that is now covered in fire and smoke. But this time, he looks different. His skin is now purple, his chest and abdomen are now a neon green, the lower part of his abdomen is a rib cage shaped pattern. Below his chest is a "Core", that he can use to control energy. In addition being considerably bigger then normal, he also has two spikes on his shoulders, a crown on his hand and claws above the mandibles. He's now Super Godzilla.

Bagan looks at his enemy's new look, forgetting the two Avengers above him.

Bagan runs to tackle Super Godzilla, but he ducks as Bagan does and flips him over his back. Bagan gets up and attempts to stab his tail into Super Godzilla's throat, but the atomic reptile grabs the tail and swings him into a building. Bagan then looks to see his tail is still in Super Godzilla's hands, as the monster ripped it off when he threw Bagan.

The stump begins to heal, and Bagan uses his plasma beam that makes contact with Super Godzilla's face, knocking the monster back. He does it again, but Super Godzilla anticipates it and uses his own atomic ray, which has a Godzilla head inside it. The two blasts collide, but Super Godzilla's overpowers Bagan's, and the monster god is sent into the streets.

Janet: Wow. Just, wow.

T'Challa: It appears as if that new form has given Godzilla a major boost.

Bagan raises up and sees the Avengers. Using his arm, he knocks down a building in hopes it'll crush them under it. Super Godzilla sees this, and ducks under Bagan and stops the building from falling on them.

T'Challa: He's holding it up.

Janet: He saved us. Thanks, Big G.

Nearly just a second after the Avengers ran from the collapsing building, Bagan tackles Super Godzilla, and both monsters falling on top of the destroyed building. Super Godzilla hurls Bagan off of him, sinking his claws into his arm and tears it off. Letting loose an echoing roar, Godzilla tosses it into the streets.

Bagan begins to regrow the limb, and prepares to use his plasma beam. But Super Godzilla charges right into him, knocking him down again and tons of debris fall on both monsters. Once up, the two enemies roar at one another, the skyline of New York behind them.

Bagan uses his Slasher Claw attack, sending Super Godzilla backwards into a mass of metal girders, and his head makes contact with the Washington Bridge. Bagan prepares to use his plasma beam, but Super Godzilla uses his first, hitting the dragon in the face. Seeing his chance, Super Godzilla grabs Bagan's shoulders with one hand and the back of his head with the other, claws digging into both areas.

With one disgusting tear, Super Godzilla tears of Bagan's head. But as oppose to just tossing it to the side, he tosses it in the air, and uses his atomic breath to destroy it for good. To make sure he ends Bagan's life for good, he blasts his atomic ray into the headless body, causing it to blow up in an orange flame. With the monster god finally destroyed, Super Godzilla lets out a thunderous, earth shaking roar of victory.
EMH: Godzilla vs. Bagan Ch 17: Super Godzilla
The 17th chapter in EMH: Godzilla vs. Bagan. Obviously, you'll notice that I used Super Godzilla in this chapter. Since the story has him against Bagan, I feel it's only appropriate for Super Godzilla to make an appearance. Don't worry, though. By the time the last chapter rolls around, he'll be back to normal. If you add this to your favorites, please comment on it first. Thanks.
The two monsters snarl at one another, and charge at one another. Once the two cleared half the distance, Bgan leaps forward, and Godzilla does the same, tackling him into the streets.

Godzilla rises and Bagan, getting up as well, slams his tail into Godzilla's face.

Natasha: Be ready on back up.

Ross: Got it.

Natasha: Not you, Ross. But thanks for the help.

Janet: Uh, I don't mean to interrupt, but...

She points to the fallen Godzilla, who's landed on a large side of Ross's base. Godzilla attempts to stand, but Bagan tackles him again.

Natasha: Ross, get any of your men out of your base, now!

Ross: Right.

He radios the men at his base from S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ, but it's not needed. The remaining men have already darted out, Janet watching them as they do so.

Janet: At least they're safe.

Godzilla uses his claws into Bagan's stomach. In anger, the dragon uses his tail and stabs into Godzilla's midsection, causing the atomic lizard to snarl in pain. Both monsters then notice that each other's wounds are healing.

Tony: Great. On the good side, Godzilla can regenerate. On the bad side, Bagan can do so too.

Hank: This is going to take a while.

Natasha: There has to be a way to stop Bagan's healing.

Hank: Don't think there is. Keep in mind that this is a monster god.

Tony: Just because it can heal faster does not mean we can hammer it so much that it'll regenerate slower.

The team watches as Godzilla grabs Bagan's tail and hurls him into a building, with the remains of the structure crumbling on him.

Ross: I might have an idea.

Natasha: What is it?

Ross: Napalm the beast.

Janet: What good will that do?

Bagan knocks Godzilla backwards using his Diamond Storm attack, sending the reptile on to his side.

Natasha: We don't have much choice. No use using weapons that we know don't work.

Tony: Mine as well. Deploy that thing from HQ, Ross.

Ross: We'll get it soon enough.

Tony: Good.

Bagan puts his foot on Godzilla's side, only to have the atomic ray make contact with his face.

Natasha: I hope Ross does not make us regret this.

Hank: Doubt it.

Godzilla uses the atomic breath once again, this time hitting Bagan's side, causing the monster to slump on the ground. Bagan snarls in pain as his skin regenerates from the attack. Godzilla attempts to use the ray a third time, but Bagan leaps at him and sinks his teeth int Godzilla's throat. The atomic breath instead hits a nearby tower.

Godzilla steps back in pain. Bagan begins to bite harder on  Godzilla's throat, crushing his windpipe.

Janet: He's not winning!

Tony: Let's go!

Before they leap into action, Godzila digs his claws into Bagan's back and yanks the god monster off of him, but at the loss of a few pieces of flesh. The team notices Godzilla's regeneration has slowed.

Hank: That bite to his throat seems to have slowed the regeneration process.

Bagan uses his plasma beam that makes contact with Godzilla's face, sending him into an apartment building, with most of the debris falling on him.

Janet: No!

Bagan roars and stabs his tail into Godzilla's stomach, stabs him and repeats the attack. Bagan turns and unleashes his plasma beam again, and this time, it causes a fire to surround his enemy. Godzilla rises, slower this time around.

Natasha: He's still going after all that. Incredible.

Bagan turns to see the Avangers. He charges up his beam, but a stream of burning smoke strikes him in the face. He turns to see one an MRLS launcher and blasts it instead.

Tony: We've got a distraction.

Natasha: And more are on the way.

She points to more NT-20's making there way to the area.

Janet: I thought Ross wouldn't send out weapons that didn't work?

Tony: Guess that napalm will have to wait.

Janet: I guess so.

T'Challa: Maybe there's a way to aid them, even without our previous weapons.

Bagan stomps on a few of the tanks, and rips apart of the MRLS with his teeth.

Tony: You figure that out. Janet, I think an air strike is called for.

Janet: I think so to.

The two fly off.

Ross: We've got a NT-20's rolling out now.

Natasha: Got it. Stark and Janet have taken off for an airstrike.

T'Challa: And perhaps we need to as well.

Hank: What do you mean?

T'Challa: Follow me.

Bagan notices the two Avengers heading for him, but before he can do anything, the D-3's clamp onto his chest, and the NT-20 rolls near him. He then uses his plasma beam, but it's shot right back at him, the NT-20 unaffected in any way.

He shakes it off as the wounds heal, and snarls at the weapon. He stabs his tail clean through it, and hurls it into the side of a building.

Janet: Things are getting nasty here, Stark.

The monster turns to see them both, and growls at them. The two aim to attack him, but, in the middle of the dust cloud, three rows of spikes glow.
EMH: Godzilla vs. Bagan Ch 16: Rematch
The 16th chapter in EMH: Godzilla vs. Bagan. Well, this is the last chapter for the week days of this week. The last to chapters will be up tomorrow, and they'll be on their usual times, provided my internet does not screw up like it has been as of late. If you add this to your favorites, please comment on it first. Thanks.
In the streets, the Avengers wait for Bagn to show up.

Natasha: Any minute now.

Back at HQ, a technician notices the large shape first.

Technician: Agent Romanaoff, target is in sight.

Natasha, in a jet with T'Challa, sees the monster heading for them.

Natasha: Got it. Open fire!

From the jet, the two Avengers blast him with missiles, Tony uses beams in his Ironman suit, Janet uses her bolts and Hank commands a small army of stinging insects to sting any open area they can find. The monster uses his Slasher Claw attack on the jet, but misses and instead hits a building that is in a state of repair. Lucky for them, it's empty.

Ross: Wasn't that the old Nickelodeon building?

Technician: Yeah, but it's been abandoned for the longest time.

Once again, Bagan uses his claws to attack them, but only succeeds in destroying more abandoned buildings. He then uses his tail to try to knock Tony out of the sky, and the Armored Avenger only barley dodges it. From behind, Natasha and T'Challa once again shoot missiles at him, and since the monster is more distracted then before, this gives Hank the chance to grow into his Giantman form and the opening to right hook Bagan into Times Square.

Technician: They've got him pinned in time square, and they're closing in.

The monster gets up and roars at his enemies. Tony blasts a missile from his wrist at the monster's mouth. In the jet, Natasha pulls down a radio to tell the residents to evacuate.

Natasha: All remaining residents need to evacuate. Now!

The red lights in the buildings, along with the sounds of sirens, the citizens run from the area.

Tony: Now, since we took care of that...

Janet: It's time to continue attacking!

T'Challa: I must say, we're making good progress with this.

Natasha: Agreed. I didn't think it would go over this well.

As soon as she says this, however, the monster uses the Slasher Claw attack and brings the jet down.

Tony: No!

Before he can help them, Bagan knocks him into the streets with Natasha and T'Challa with his tail. Janet and Hank stop their attacks and run to help their teammates, who are now on the streets.

Tony: Well, we're done fore.

Bagan's gaze meets theirs and lets out a low growl. They begin to run, but the monster gives chase. Before it can continue, a loud, familiar roar stops all of them in their tracks.

They all look up and see Godzilla, glaring at Bagan.

Janet: He's here at last.

Bagan snarls at his enemy, and both monsters begin to step forward as the team moves from the area.

Tony: You know, if we weren't in danger and in pain, I'd say this is going to be good.

They all get to a safe area away from the two monsters, who go from walking to running. The fight is on.
EMH: Godzilla vs. Bagan Ch 15: Avengers vs. Bagan
The 15th chapter in EMH: Godzilla vs. Bagan. The next chapter will be up later then usual, again. Only this time, it's because I went to go birthday shopping to day, but the internet is still giving me issues. Hopefully, I'll get it fixed. If you add this to your favorites, please comment on it first. Thanks.
The group is now in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Infirmary, waiting to see if Janet will be alright.

Doctor: She's pretty lucky. Had both monsters caused that wave, her condition would be worse then it is.

Hank: I know that. Is she going to be alright?

Doctor: She'll be fine, Hank. She escaped without too many injuries.

The doctor walks out and Hank turns to her.

Hank: Janet...

Later, in  the holding area, the team, sans Janet, are planning to finish Bagan once and for all.

Natasha: Okay, we can't just wait for Godzilla to kill this thing. We'll have to do it ourselves. Any ideas?

T'Challa: From what we saw when the two monsters fought, it appears there's not too much humans can do against him.

Ross: Our weapons hurt him pretty good.

T'Challa: True, but how much longer is that going to work?

Ross: Good point.

T'Challa: On top of that, we'd just be loosing more innocent men against a threat they couldn't hope to defeat. We should just let Godzilla handle this.

Natasha: So what do we do if he doesn't?

T'Challa: Then only the Avengers will fight. No more men need to die. Even if we don't have a few teammates, we can still hold him off.

Ross: I guess we could work with that.

Natasha: We'll have to. Everyone, keep an eye out for Bagan.

Ross: Can do.

Back in Janet's room, she begins to wake up. She wakes to see Hank, holding a cup of tea in each hand.

Janet: Hank? Where am I?

Hank: The infirmary. You got hit pretty good by that wave.

Janet: Guess so. Where did the monsters go?

Tony (entering the room): They both took off into the river. Haven't seen them since.

Hank: He's right. I just wish that that you didn't get in the way of them retreating.

Janet: Nothing anyone could've done about it. You okay, Hank?

Hank: Other then worried about this whole thing, I'm fine. Why were you so close to the edge anyways?

Janet: That was just my position. I tried to move as soon as I saw Godzilla dive in, but he moved faster then I could.

Tony: Which surprises me.

Hank: Same here. But at least you weren't killed.

Janet: Yeah. Guess we just need to focus on finding them now, right? I think I'm okay to go.

The two men exchange a quick glance.

Tony: She's right. But I don't know if she's okay to go.

Janet: I'll be fine, Stark. Like the doc said, I'm not wounded that bad.

In the computer room, Tony explains something he noticed when the two monsters where fighting.

Tony: One thing I noticed before the two went in to the river, Bagan looked at her, and Godzilla stopped him from attacking. Good to know he's on our side.

Janet: As if we had any doubts on that.

Tony: It's almost as if Bagan was deliberately trying to attack her.

Janet: It's my dream, isn't it?

Hank: That would be my guess. Course, we could assume he caused the dream to begin with.

Janet (sarcastically): That's comforting to know.

Tony: Like Hank said, we can only assume that, though. Maybe T'Challa could shed some light on  it.

Janet: We'll have to wait on that, Tony. Natasha and Ross are discussing attack plans with him at the time.

Hank: Why, exactly? He needs to let the Avengers work out their own plans of attack.

Janet: Hey, not my idea. I happen to agree with you on that.

Tony: Well, you're his girlfriend. I kind of expect that.

The two just give him a blank stare, somewhat annoyed my his comment.

The three turn to the camera that shows Ross, Natasha and T'Challa.

Tony: From the looks of things, we are going to have to wait.

Janet: Told you.

Tony: Hey, they're just taking caution. Nothing wrong with that.

Janet: Better then going in head first.

Natasha then comes in, glad to see Janet is okay.

Natasha: Good. You're okay.

Janet: Yep. You have a plan?

Natasha: We might need the other Avengers here to help out.

Janet: Fine by us.

Natasha: Personally, I think we strike him from above. Stark, since you and Janet can fly, youo distract him while we attack from the all sides.

Janet: That could work. But what are you guys going to attack with?

Hank: Well, since I can change size, I think I can give us more of an edge.

Natasha: Right. We'll use smaller attacks to distract him while Hank can deliver heavier ones to Bagan.

T'Challa: This is a plan that can work.

Natasha: Ross, you okay with this?

Ross: Go on ahead. We've tried too many times. I think it's okay to let the Avengers have a go. But I don't think there's too much you can do that will actually harm him. I mean, that thing grew his shoulder back after Godzilla ripped it off.

Tony: Since he's a reptile, that's to be expected.

Ross: In other words, we can't kill it.

Tony: Not really. We just need to injure him so bad that regeneration is slower.

Ross: Will that eve work?

Tony: Can't say for sure. But if we can injure him enough to give Godzilla the advantage, I think we have this in the bag.

Natasha: Good point. Let's go.

Ross: Good luck. We'll be on back up just in case.

They nod and the Avengers take their leave.
EMH: Godzilla vs. Bagan Ch 14: Regrouping
The 13th chapter in EMH: Godzilla vs. Bagan. Hopefully, my internet doesn't give me any problems today and that I can get these posted on time. I can't guarantee that, though. If you add this to your favorites, please comment on it first. Thanks. 
A while back, I wrote a fan fiction called: "EMH: Godzilla vs. The Gryphon", which was a Godzilla-Avengers crossover story based on the script for the failed 1994 American Godzilla film that featured him fighting another monster called the Gryphon. On the last chapter of the story, Neminine asked if I'd do a sequel. I happy to announce I am. 

One of the ideas I mentioned to them was Godzilla vs. Bagan, which is arguably the most famous of all of the unmade Godzilla films. I'm still working on story elements, so I can't give too much detail on it. One thing I can say, though, it'll be similar to the Godzilla vs. Gryphon story. I do have a few others planned, one of which is a 2nd sequel to GvG. That one will be called "Godzilla: The Kaiju War", which features a team up of Spacegodzilla and Thanos. Thanos gives him telepathic abilities, and the two lead a small army of Godzilla's previous foes to attack Earth. Earth's monsters, which are Godzilla, Anguirus, Rodan, Mothra, King Caeser, Kong and Gamera. The Avengers, with the help of Dr. Serizawa (from the 2014 film) have created Mechagodzilla 2 to aid the monsters. The story will also feature other forms of Godzilla, which do help in the final fight. The army of enemies consists of both versions of Gigan, King Ghidorah, Mechagodzilla, Destroyah, Ebirah, and Hedorah.

The other one isn't a sequel, but it's a one off story. When was younger, I saw the Godzilla vs. Gamera: Gaia War trailer, and thought that I would make my own film with the figures I had. I did, but the story was made up of different fictional characters from a few franchises. Those characters were: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Daisy, Toadsworth, Wario, Waluigi, Ed, Double D, Eddy, Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy and Squidward. The plot revolved around Mario and Peach tying the knot, but a mind controlled Godzilla ruins it. Gamera comes to their defense, and a fight ensues between them. The entity that controlled Godzilla reveals itself to the others. Its name, unfortunately, escapes me, but I'll come up with the name come time for the story.

So far, that's the stories I'm going to write. Godzilla vs. Bagan will be on Fall Break, and the other two will be on my Christmas break. Also, for anyone wondering about the Nintendo Avengers vs. Sega Justice League, it'll be up when the fan film will be up. My guess is either later this year or early next year. Should it be next year, expect it on Spring Break. Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoy the stories I have coming. 


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My name is Logan Lattina. I'm 15 years old. My art will feature my personal interests. I'll glady except any requests that involve: Classic, 80's and 90's horror, comic book, and cartoons that used to air on Nick.
I hope you've enjoyed my art so far.

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